Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2014

Yamaha Bolt

28th September 2014 marked an important day for many folk. For Distinguished Gentlemen around the world ( and lady folk ) it meant the coming together to give a two wheeled salute goodbye to prostate cancer. Kicking off in 2012 the motorcycle event has grown year on year and the London 2014 event was no different. A little over 700 bikes gathered at Borough Market in central London to enjoy the smells and sights of Dapper folk while simultaneously raising awareness of a very important issue.

Wow. What an amazing day and what an incredible turnout.

Dutch Von Shed Founder at Bike Shed Motorcycle Club Ltd

This was my first ever motorcycle event I've participated in and have to say, not only was the XV950 extremely well behaved, it was because of ownership that I could join in the fun and not look out of place yet relish in the delight of riding a modern bike that didn't overheat during the ride around London town.

If you own a bobber, classic, tracker, custom or 2/3 wheeled bike then you should most certainly look for your nearest venue in 2015. If you own an XV950 then get on the forum and make sure anyone else in your area can join in the fun and ride convoy to fully appreciate the event and the XV950s!

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